Finding Peace At The Dermatologist's Office

Why Mohs Surgery Can Be The Best Option For Your Skin Cancer

If you have been told that you have skin cancer and that you need to have it removed through the use of surgery, you may want to discuss the option of Mohs surgery. There are many benefits that patients receive when they opt for this particular type of surgery. Talking with your surgeon will help you understand if this is a good fit for your needs. To help you understand just how beneficial the Mohs surgery can be, you will want to review this information: Read More 

Three Tips For Protecting Your Skin From Unnecessary Damage

With so many skincare products and treatment solutions circulating the internet these days, many people find themselves confused about how to take care of their skin; or worse, they damage it by trying the latest craze. Before you jump headlong into trying the newest fad in skin care treatments, there are a few things that you should know. Here are some tips to help you avoid damaging your skin between your dermatology appointments. Read More 

FAQs About Handling Summer Back Acne

Back acne can be a year-round problem, but it can be worse in the summer. The summer heat can increase the conditions that cause acne, which means more acne to handle. If you have back acne, here is what you need to know about the skin condition and the summer months. Why Is It Worse During the Summer? Back acne is caused by the same factors as facial acne. It is the result of excessive oil production, bacteria, hormonal changes, and the presence of excessive dead skin cells. Read More 

2 Tips for Recovering After Receiving Botox

Botox is an excellent procedure that can do a lot in terms of removing or reducing fine lines and wrinkles in your face and making certain areas look more full and youthful. However, because Botox is injected by placing a small needle in your face over and over again, it is going to take some time to recover from, and you are most likely going to have some visual side effects as you are recovering. Read More 

Embrace Your Visit With Information And Preparedness - Preparing For A Skin Cancer Screening

If you've noticed a spot on your skin that's giving you reason for concern, the responsible thing to do is to have it checked by a dermatologist. However, without proper preparation for your visit and a complete understanding of what's in store, you might end up wasting your time or, even worse, having a visit that's counterintuitive to your needs. Preparation is the best way to get reliable results, and that preparation requires expanding your knowledge base. Read More